St. Gerard Family League Prayer

St. Gerard Majella
1726- 1755
Feast Day October 17th

St. Gerard Family League Prayer

Great protector of the family, St Gerard,* we ask your prayers for all parents,* that they may receive the grace to live in the love of God* and bring up their children to know and love him with all their hearts.*

We ask you to pray* that those who take the lives of unborn innocents* and attack the dignity of parenthood* may come to see the error of their ways,* and that all may value the holiness of Christian family life.*

God, our loving Father,* your life gives life to the world.* Bless and make holy all human love,* especially the life-giving love of fathers and mothers.* May your love fill the hearts and homes of all families,* so that the world may enjoy the peace and happiness promised by your Son,* Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.*

Mother of Perpetual Help . . . Pray for us.
St. Joseph . . . Pray for us.
St. Gerard . . .  Pray for us.

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